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You thought it was unrealistic, but it exists – battery welding machine (Autonomous welding machine) "OSA" AGS-140i. Welding machine on the battery or you can call it a welding machine on the battery. You can already buy it and perform welding work regardless of the availability of electricity.
You can buy a welding machine on the battery in our online store or from dealers.
Welding works in any conditions: at height, in the field, in the forest, in the mountains. Where there is no electricity at all or its power is not enough for welding, the battery welding machine "ASA"will help you.

Autonomous welding machine on one charge will allow you to consume from 16 to 20 electrodes of 3 mm. Automatic adjustment of arc power, multi-level protection of the built-in battery, moisture and dust protection. You will not find analogs of this device in Russia, and foreign devices will lose to it in cost.

The optimal combination of price-quality-reliability.
Carry out welding work in places where you will not have competitors. With the welding machine " ASA " there is no need to carry a gasoline generator of decent power, refuel and maintain it. Even if long-term welding works are necessary, "ASA" will perfectly cope with them by means of the low-power generator of 2 kW or a usual apartment consumer network of 220 volts. The built-in battery will automatically add the necessary power to the output of the welding machine, and in between will be recharged in fast mode from the network.
Modes of operation of the welding machine
In stand-alone operation, the lithium battery ensures complete independence from the current source. It is portable and has a stable power output, ideal for working in mountainous terrain, high-altitude work, during crisis situations and other cases where it is impossible to provide welding work with an alternating voltage source or it is labor-intensive.
We have patented technology to enhance the welding power. In addition to the stand - alone operation, welding can work in hybrid mode when the AC source is unstable or the operation is from a low-power generator. The welding machine has the function of increasing the power of the external supply current to increase the welding current and the quality of work.

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Autonomous welding machine " OSA " АRС-140i

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