Your attention is invited to the burglary of the castle is highly sensitive Arctic. Joint Russian-Swiss development, patented technology, unique properties and the absence of analogues in the world. International patent and certification in the Russian Federation. You can break the door, cut the sheds, but no one will open the lock. Only we, the official dealers, have the ability to be installed in Your or our doors. The price in each case is discussed individually.

Advantages of a secure lock

Burglary resistance

The increased degree of protection is due to the patented mechanical part of the lock, which has no analogues in the wound locking devices. The lock can not be opened with improvised means, without breaking the sealing of the lock or damaging the doors on which it is installed.


Reliability and durability of use is achieved by the simplicity of design, strength and quality of materials, and the smooth operation of the lock is ensured by the absence of lubricants. The lock cannot be disabled by mechanical action


The lock is adapted for operation at low temperatures. Steel bollards lock ftoroplastov located in the inserts. This material retains flexibility and elasticity at temperatures ranging from -70° C to + 270°C


The lock design supports connection of any third-party electronic systems and sensors. Thus, the scope of the castle is unlimited: from the residential sector to protected objects

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Tamper-proof lock Arctic

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