Ultrasonic elements

In this section of the laboratory are the most popular ultrasonic elements used in the household humidifiers. It is a membrane with a diameter of 20 and 25 mm. these devices are not durable. Basically their failure is due to poor water quality, and violations of the operation. For example, the humidifier may malfunction the water level sensor, this can overheat ultrasonic membrane and its breakdown. Itself is ultrasonic membrane is not an expensive item, but its failure may cause failure of the transistor ultrasonic generator.

Replace the membrane or ultrasonic transistor ultrasonic generator is not a difficult task. It will be enough initial skills in radio engineering to change membrane and ultrasonic soldering equipment to desoldering the faulty transistor, and to establish in its place a new one.

One of the bottlenecks is to replace the connector on the wires of the ultrasonic membrane. Unsolder the wires from the membrane is not recommended, as re-soldering, as a rule, leads to mechanical destruction of the membrane. Changing the connector on the ends of the wires, but it requires certain skills and tools.

The dimensions of the membrane. To measure them it is necessary without rubber braid. Otherwise, the parameters of the membrane are identical.

Our membranes we produce high-tech equipment in China. On the upper surface is a polymer ceramic coating that significantly extends the life of the ultrasonic membrane.

Tips on care. Maintain the interior space of the humidifier clean. Lime deposits must be removed with a soft brush. Do not scratch the surface of the membrane by sharp objects. Keep the water level sensors, in time to change the filter on the tank. Most of the failures of the humidifier occurs after the "summer dormancy". Periodic preventive maintenance and cleaning will save You from many technical problems in the future.

Ultrasonic membrane 20 мм

Ultrasonic membrane 20 мм

Ultrasonic membrane humidifieravailable diameters 20 and 25 mm;Ultrasonic membrane in rubber sheath,..

150.00₽ Ex Tax: 150.00₽

Ultrasonic membrane 25 mm

Ultrasonic membrane 25 mm

Ultrasonic membrane humidifier is 25 mm in diameter;Ultrasonic membrane in rubber braid, directly to..

200.00₽ Ex Tax: 200.00₽

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