To assemble the copter

Our laboratory is not engaged in mass production of drones. Ready Assembly of the rotor is, as a rule, the prototypes that we have developed for specific tasks (dolgolet, heavyweight, "flying the camera", etc.) or projects in the framework of a research and engineering analysis on which we hold the copyright. Their schemes are sold in the corresponding section of the lab, so You will always be able to repeat them yourself or modify to suit your needs.

A distinctive feature of our laboratory is the practical basis of any research, which You will not find in other open source projects. For example, we repeat a few, in our view, failed projects posted on the Internet and show what mistakes were made by the Explorer and how they can be corrected. The fact that most open source projects not implemented by professionals. Yes they are, something I read, thought, looked at what others have done. Collected the cheapest configuration, removed the video or wrote an article about the Assembly, posted on the Internet. A Pro, after seeing this review, I'll smile and silently laugh at its author, and the man in the street will try to repeat. As a result, spent the money much more than the review, the device does not meet the stated requirements, the street was disappointed and threw it "under the bench" your project. How many of these projects? Abandoned! Not completed yet! Thousands, and all because of one worthless article, or video.

Exposed Amateurs, look at their configuration "sober eyes" that fix bugs. Prepare future engineers and researchers.

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