This product is sold with the official permission of the developer, for a more detailed description of the work and the order of connection, see its website


  • learning the position of a craft using an onboard or dedicated GPS receiver
  • activation via call from UHF handheld radio or by timer
  • transmitting voice with GPS position among classical beacon tones and unique Proximity search mode
  • built-in bright LED and a buzzer
  • external voltage sensor: reports the voltage of the main battery during the flight
  • equiped with a small LiPo cell (50mAh) which provides 7 days of standby time
  • able to charge it's own battery using external 5V source
  • easy configuration and calibration through a PC app
  • size: 20x30mm
  • weight: 5-6g (with 240mAh battery)

Package includes

  • tBeacon Green (assembled, calibrated and tested unit) with wire antenna, Attention! after receiving You will need to solder the battery yourself;
  • 2 x cable for connecting to a model's GPS system and for configuration of the tBeacon
  • heatshrink tube
  • decals

  • Vext  - optional connection to the positive side (+) of an external monitored LiPo battery.
  • RX  - UART input. Used for connection to a GPS location source and to a PC
  • TX  - UART output. Used only for connection to a PC
  • +5V  - 5V input connection. Used for the beacon's own LiPo charging
  • GND  - Ground.

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tbeacon green

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