Unique opportunity to test your battery for gyro.

Very often, especially after the winter, there is a need to check the battery from the gyroscope. Typically, signs of poor battery performance are as follows. The battery starts to discharge quickly and tends to charge quickly. In order not to get a couple of fresh bruises and bruises, when the first signs of poor performance of the battery gyro will contact our workshop.

What do we do with your gyro battery?

First, check it on the electronic load under different discharge currents. Usually it's 2 and 5 amps. These are the average currents that should give the battery gyro when riding. For extremals, there is a test current up to 10 amps, but then comes into play fire safety. As a result of the tests, you will receive a graph of the discharge of your battery with the real capacity, which was given in the course of it.

Why do You need this schedule? You ask. It can be shown to the seller of the gyroscope, if you bought a new device, and it does not go. there is a real reason to return it back or at least part of the money. In addition, such testing allows you to identify the threshold of the need to repair the battery or replace it. Under repair may mean balancing the battery cells or their complete (partial) replacement.

There is one more nuance of this testing. Sometimes collectors of gyrometers in China (the Chinese students) to insert it is not known what control Board and balancing, as a result, even on a good battery the riding time may not exceed 15 minutes. The user swears and wants to throw the battery, they say is faulty, and the case may be completely different. The control Board itself can cut off the load from the battery according to one known algorithm.

Our service for checking the gyro battery capacity is unique and not expensive. Tormented by doubts call or order a call back. bring your battery to be tested and tested and get a complete objective picture of its condition. don't believe in Chinese labels and labels, trust only our tests.

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