About Us

Laboratory Two-v.pro makes engineering calculations, design and small scale production of multi-rotor systems, ultrasonic components and systems, as well as the analysis of modern power supply components and batteries.

The laboratory carries out development of multi-rotors of any complexity "turnkey". You can order a full range of services with the production of a prototype, or you can opt for any part, for example, design drawings, calculations configuration of the aircraft, the testing of batteries and battery.

Ultrasonic components, it is one of the specialized areas of the laboratory. Ultrasonic membrane for humidifiers you can buy in the shop at the lab. We are doing magnetostrictive transducers and frequency generators.

Battery tests carried out on professional equipment with currents up to 30A. We also have checked the batteries in different form factors. If necessary, they can be small-scale deliveries from reliable manufacturers from China with a minimum mark-up.