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The most honest test of original Samsung 18650 batteries (Samsung) 30q

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The most honest test of original Samsung 18650 batteries (Samsung) 30q

Why did we decide to do such a test? Probably because we consider our Samsung 30q batteries 100% original and have the appropriate equipment to check their capacity under load and measure resistance. In addition, extensive experience in the Assembly of batteries of electric bicycles leads to the conclusion that 30q is the most appropriate option for the Assembly of batteries for electric vehicles if you want to drive long and far. Well, the most extreme argument, which served as an incentive for such a review – we bought our Samsung 30q in Korea at the factory, so "itching" to compare them with what is offered by dealers from China and "local bottling". More precisely, let us check them, and you will compare yourself.

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Battery Assembly to order

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Today we will consider how to assemble 18650 batteries to order for various electric vehicles, what you need to know and tell the master. First of all, you need to know the electrical parameters of the motor group of your vehicle. Basically, it is the power of the motor wheel or gear motor. The battery capacity and the required current depends on these parameters. Of course, all this can be taken from the label of the old battery, see what elements were there, check with the power of the propulsion system and then move on to such a process as the Assembly of lithium batteries to order.

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Manufacture of batteries to order

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What to do if your electric" horse " battery is damaged. The store does not buy such a battery, as the manufacturer does not produce components for them. It is possible to repair the old one, for example, by replacing the "taken off" banks, but no one knows how long it will help, and when the other elements will come into disrepair.

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Batteries to order

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Our workshop makes batteries to order. This type of service is in demand in the Russian market, as there are practically no two identical batteries, because of the huge number of manufacturers engaged in the production of electric vehicles.

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E-bike battery capacity

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A good question we asked one of our customers about the battery capacity of the electric bike. This interest is not idle, but is caused by a real desire to understand the characteristics of your battery. What affects the capacity of the battery of the electric Bicycle during operation of the vehicle. Undoubtedly, this is the battery life, which means the capacity is directly related to the mileage.

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