Batteries and electric vehicles

We can not pass by the topic of electric transport in his blog. In this section you will find a lot of useful information about batteries for the main types of electric vehicles. Advice on their purchase, maintenance and operation can be taken note of. All this will save your money in the future and enjoy the movement on the "transport of the future".
Many people wonder if this is so? How much electrical energy can displace hydrocarbons? You know, from the very beginning the question of competition was only one – the most effective way to store the energy source. In the case of hydrocarbons, this is an ordinary gas tank, there have always been problems with the storage of electric energy. Battery in the physical sense of the word could not provide storage of the required stock. Widespread batteries, the principle of which is based on the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy, have long held the primacy in toys and lanterns.
But here is occurred lithium revolution. A completely new approach to energy storage, higher capacity and current. This is not too loud invention turned the battery world. Lead and acid have faded into the background. The electric car received a power reserve of up to 400 km, and ordinary scooters and bicycles became electric. The appearance of lithium batteries can be compared with the development of cellular communication. When from the lot of the rich mobile phone moved to the layman, because it is convenient, fast and economical.
    In addition, technological progress in the battery sector stimulates the emergence of new devices, which previously could only dream of. It is not only a means of transportation on one and two wheels, but also high-current devices. For example, on lithium batteries began to work welding machines, ride motorcycles and bikes, work power tools and household appliances.
    in the near future, we should expect a large-scale introduction of batteries of acceptable power in normal life. First of all, it concerns household appliances. Against this background, a significant increase in their autonomy. For example, mobile vacuum cleaners, multivarki, blenders, etc. – "kitchen without wires."
    There will be significant changes in the field of electric transport. Vehicles will become more individual in principle. Why do you need a car, if you can take an electric bike, electric scooter or other device, in order to quickly move your body in space.

Buy an electric skateboard and not be wrong!

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The real hit of the 2019 season is the electric scooter. Convenient, fast and innovative means of transportation in urban and rural areas. Additional demand is spurred by the declining price of this device.

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Scooter battery

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I think we should talk about the optimal combination in a bunch of scooter battery, especially as it relates to the purchase and operation of this device. Especially in the people soars a few dozen different conjectures and myths about batteries and their impact on the technical characteristics of electric scooters, it is definitely necessary to understand this.

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Electric scooter battery

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The accumulated experience in the repair of batteries for electric vehicles allowed us to write a series of articles on this topic. What would you like to reflect in them? Perhaps the problems faced by our clients in the operation of e-bikes and Segways, and gyrometers sigview.

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Battery Assembly to order

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Today we will consider how to assemble 18650 batteries to order for various electric vehicles, what you need to know and tell the master. First of all, you need to know the electrical parameters of the motor group of your vehicle. Basically, it is the power of the motor wheel or gear motor. The battery capacity and the required current depends on these parameters. Of course, all this can be taken from the label of the old battery, see what elements were there, check with the power of the propulsion system and then move on to such a process as the Assembly of lithium batteries to order.

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Manufacture of batteries to order

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What to do if your electric" horse " battery is damaged. The store does not buy such a battery, as the manufacturer does not produce components for them. It is possible to repair the old one, for example, by replacing the "taken off" banks, but no one knows how long it will help, and when the other elements will come into disrepair.

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