The most honest test of original Samsung 18650 batteries (Samsung) 30q

The most honest test of original Samsung 18650 batteries (Samsung) 30q

Why did we decide to do such a test? Probably because we consider our Samsung 30q batteries 100% original and have the appropriate equipment to check their capacity under load and measure resistance. In addition, extensive experience in the Assembly of batteries of electric bicycles leads to the conclusion that 30q is the most appropriate option for the Assembly of batteries for electric vehicles if you want to drive long and far. Well, the most extreme argument, which served as an incentive for such a review – we bought our Samsung 30q in Korea at the factory, so "itching" to compare them with what is offered by dealers from China and "local bottling". More precisely, let us check them, and you will compare yourself.

So, in order. 

1. Originality and production date. The fact that we bought them at the factory, for us was not a dogma. Brand Samsung box too:)

However, we recommend that you pay attention to the production date and the presence of special marks under the positive contact. Please note that Samsung has started to use a new marking system. The production date is now printed directly on the metal body of the can. It is illuminated through the heat shrink and has an alphanumeric code.

It may be different depending on the manufacturer's factory, which is listed on the SDI or SDIEM shrink.

For Samsung SDI batteries:

For Samsung SDIEM batteries:

The second point is the presence of special characters under the plus contact. Consider them without removing the white ring is problematic, but looking closely, you can make sure they are available.

        Summary. Given that our EBC-A10H is not a super accurate device and the test results may be slightly different with what is done on professional equipment. However, we can get quite a tolerable view of the original 18650 Samsung 30q and honestly show them to our customers.

After the selection of the batteries is the main thing you notice is directly "originality", the capacity, as the accum hold the current drawdown what voltage, what resistance. The Q30 data is quite worthy to show off in the battery of your electric vehicle. 

Of course, you can buy them in our store, and when you order the Assembly of the battery for your electric vehicle, you will receive them at a special price.


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