Battery Assembly to order

Today we will consider how to assemble 18650 batteries to order for various electric vehicles, what you need to know and tell the master.
    First of all, you need to know the electrical parameters of the motor group of your vehicle. Basically, it is the power of the motor wheel or gear motor. The battery capacity and the required current depends on these parameters. Of course, all this can be taken from the label of the old battery, see what elements were there, check with the power of the propulsion system and then move on to such a process as the Assembly of lithium batteries to order.
    Sometimes the inhabitants themselves design an electric bike or other self-propelled device on electric. In this case, the conversation with the client becomes easier, since the initial parameters of the system are already laid at the initial stage, though banal, but still design.
    Battery Assembly to order does not take much time. In the presence of components and protection Board, the whole process can take 1-2 days. Usually there is still a question of developing the case for the battery. It is good if the client has already taken care of it and found a solution with specific dimensions. This facilitates the subsequent Assembly and layout of the device.
    Direct Assembly of batteries to order includes several stages.
    Initial. Computer-aided design of the geometry of the future battery for a certain size or available housing.
    Second. Preparation of 18650 elements and gluing them according to the scheme developed during the first stage.
    Third. Spot welding of Nickel plates on 18650 elements according to the scheme of the project.
    Fourth. Soldering of power and balancing wires.
Fifth. During this process, the battery is Packed into the body or wrapped with a shrink tube.


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