Battery screwdriver recovery

Battery screwdriver recovery

Battery recovery screwdriver is a solution in which you will save your time and money, get a virtually new battery with improved performance.
The most problematic batteries of the screwdriver during the restoration are lithium-ion ones. Their peculiarity lies in the charging technology, namely the need to balance individual cans. Not rare in the charger or balancer boards are more advanced schemes of power distribution on the basis of the microcontroller. It controls not only the process of voltage supply and current regulation, but also monitors the state of the battery, namely the voltage on each Bank, the depth of discharge, etc. In the event of a short-term high current, such as a breakdown or short circuit of one of the cans, or a voltage drop below the specified limit, such a microcontroller can enter the protection mode. This is done by the manufacturers to prevent the ignition of the battery, but when such cases occur, the chain of actions: battery-screwdriver-recovery is interrupted.
With more classic batteries of Nickel-cadmium or Nickel-metal hydride recovery is much easier. The success of this process is guaranteed if you have quality replacement banks, spot welding and knowledge of electricity.
You can restore the battery of the screwdriver in our workshop at a very reasonable price for the service.


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