Replacing the batteries in the screwdriver

Replacing the batteries in the screwdriver

When replacing the batteries in the screwdriver, it is necessary to clearly understand what exactly is meant. Let us explain, the word battery in this case can denote as the battery pack inserted into the screwdriver, and its elements, more precisely banks.
If we are talking about the battery pack, the replacement of batteries in the screwdriver can be carried out by buying a new one or its bulkhead. If the new battery is more or less clear, with the replacement of cells of the battery of the drill will have some trouble. As a rule, all the internal elements of the battery screwdriver is better to change. Usually these are banks of type SC or 4/5 SC. They differ in height and are not interchangeable. The difference in size is about 1 cm, so put instead of large small and Vice versa will not work. In one case, the battery cover will not close, in the other the upper protrusion will not reach the contact area.
Buying a new battery pack for a screwdriver may not be easy. Manufacturers often like to change the model range, which is changing and mounting systems. Minor modifications of the shape of the screwdriver, as a rule, lead to changes in the battery. Very often developers like to add various sensors of battery discharge and other improvements. As a result, not the fact that after a few years of operation of the screwdriver you will learn that such a model and batteries to it no longer produce.
Replacement of batteries in the screwdriver can be carried out in a specialized workshop. When repairing can be used banks of the same capacity as they were or increased. It is not allowed when the replacement of batteries in the screwdriver is with the installation of battery cells of different capacities. The thing is that there is a rule of charge of Nickel-cadmium and Nickel-metal hydride batteries. The upper threshold level of tension they floating. The charger makes a decision about the full battery charge at significant voltage spikes in a certain range. For batteries of different capacities, these threshold jumps occur in due time, so the more capacious banks of the battery will always remain not pre-charged. This will cause a memory effect and the total capacity of the entire battery will not be higher than that of the most sagged element of the entire battery.


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