Buy a battery for a screwdriver or repair the old one?

Buy a battery for a screwdriver or repair the old one?

Many of us are wondering this question when a faithful assistant screwdriver ceases to regularly twist screws and other fasteners. In this case, buy a battery for the screwdriver is the easiest way, but not always the most correct.
What a catch we are waiting for. If you decide to buy a battery screwdriver, many immediately go to the store where you bought the device itself. In most cases, they do not find a new battery there. There are many reasons, some even large networks do not supply batteries for screwdrivers separately. Of course, because it is profitable for you to buy a new, more advanced device than to replace the battery and continue to use the old.
The price of a new battery screwdriver will always be half the cost of the device. Here come into force other laws of the market, when those who still brought the batteries for sale want to get double benefits from them.
The Almighty Aliexpress. On this site you can find a replica of almost any battery, just do not hope for quality. The Chinese are already legendary about what they put inside these devices. Especially because the mass is quite weighty device, so you know that the delivery will not cost you cheap.
As a result, you can buy a battery for a screwdriver, even if not the cheapest and high-quality, but it is quite feasible, unless the model on which you are looking for a battery is not removed from production.
On the other hand, it is reasonable to consider what you will get if you just give the battery to repair. It does not matter what model of your screwdriver, whether the connector and charger. You just need to go to a normal workshop.
The main advantages of battery repair for screwdrivers. This is an opportunity to increase the capacity of the battery. The voltage will remain the same, electrically this increase will not affect anything. The screwdriver will also work properly as before, only for a longer time. Accordingly, the charging time will also increase.
Better Assembly and installation of elements, the ability to transfer the battery to a more advanced chemistry, etc. Here's a set of features you get if you decide instead of buying a battery for a screwdriver, to repair it.


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