Batteries Li-ion 18650

Batteries Li-ion 18650

     The most popular batteries that have received distribution in vaping, led technology, portable, power banks (energy storage) and other modern equipment. its trivial name batteries due to the chemical composition of the ions of lithium, digital signage literally says about the battery size – 18 mm diameter, 64 mm long.
What are the main advantages and disadvantages. Together with parametric characteristics then need to be assessed and a policy of producing these battery plants. So lithium ion is not the most modern chemistry, but one of the most simple and reliable to manufacture. The capacity of these batteries varies in average from 2000 to 3200 mAh. Anything above that is usually a fake. The peak currents reaching 30A for a short time for special vysokooktanovyh batteries. Mainly working range of current for these batteries is in the range of 15-20A.

     Low brothers are the main elements in the batteries of laptops and other consumer devices.
    The main advantages of these batteries include high stability and a low level explosion, small size, ability to create assemblies of panels of different geometrical configurations. Cyclic charge-discharge, which is significantly higher than that of polymer counterparts.
    What are the disadvantages? If you take vysokotochnye option, it is a drop voltage in the discharge of large currents. In practice, if the load is connected the voltage drops from 4.2 V to 3.8 V, then, of course, be nominal operating line voltage is 3.8-3.4 V, but, as a rule, after 3.4 volts should be abrupt drawdown at the voltage up to 2 volts. Fly on batteries Li-ion 18650, but only following precautions thoroughly knowing the capabilities of the installed battery and the red lines beyond which it cannot go.

    Another drawback that can be attributed to the marketing component. Many companies are actively experimenting with chemistry for 18650 battery. Add some manganese, others use titanovoe crystal lattice. In principle, there are even prototypes for a new chemistry, but in other form factors.
    Why these technologies are not implemented? The answer is simple, leading enterprises purchased equipment for the production of batteries 18650, now actively produce them and want to compensate the money invested. This will hinder the development of this market at least until 2020. Bad, but nothing can be done.
    Read the description of our experiments with batteries Li-ion 18650 on a real quadrocopter and hexacopters. Order checked items from reliable suppliers in our store.


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