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Our workshop makes batteries to order.  This type of service is in demand in the Russian market, as there are practically no two identical batteries, because of the huge number of manufacturers engaged in the production of electric vehicles.
Chinese manufacturers only stamp electric scooters and electric bicycles. nobody is engaged in production of accessories for repair or replacement of accumulators because it is economically not favorable. That's why all users of electric transport sooner or later the question arises to make the battery under the order.
How safe and correct is this? The level of modern workshops is not inferior to that which is available in China. On the contrary, the build quality of our masters is far superior to their Chinese opponents. Therefore, lithium batteries made to order in Russia, the quality is better than any other analogues. At the same time, our workshops use high-quality and proven elements of 18650, unlike colleagues from China, who prefer cheaper analogues.
We produce high quality lithium batteries to order according to the size and requirements of the customer in single copies and in small series.
High-quality 18650 elements and proven protection boards are used in their manufacture. Spot welding is carried out on professional equipment using Nickel tape.
Our profile and specialization – repair and production of any batteries for electric transport. The most popular battery for e-bike to order. In this area, we have achieved perfection, only in the last year through our workshop passed several hundred batteries for two-wheeled vehicles.
We work with all electric vehicle manufacturers and ordinary inventors. Also we make batteries to order complex geometric shapes to the size of the client. In principle, there is no such battery that we would not be able to repeat or improve.
Do not know where to buy a battery or want to improve it then a direct road to us, call or email, send a photo or diagram. The master will make all the necessary calculations and make the battery for the e-bike to order.


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battery18650 samsung 22p
battery18650 samsung 22p

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18650 battery LG mj1 3,500 mAh
18650 battery LG mj1 3,500 mAh

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