E-bike battery capacity

A good question we asked one of our customers about the battery capacity of the electric bike. This interest is not idle, but is caused by a real desire to understand the characteristics of your battery.
What affects the capacity of the battery of the electric Bicycle during operation of the vehicle. Undoubtedly, this is the battery life, which means the capacity is directly related to the mileage.
Now about its values and dimensions. You can check the battery capacity of the e-bike only on a special device called "electronic load". As for the batteries above 20 volts, they will need a professional device. Accordingly, it will allow you to measure the actual capacity under different regimes and discharge currents.
Some people often confuse the capacity stated in the data sheets with the real capacity, which is obtained in practical measurements. The specifications specify a parameter for the battery under ideal conditions. For example, capacitance when the discharge current is 500 mA. But the properties of lithium ion are such that with increasing current capacity is somewhat reduced. As a result, 3500 mAh on the passport with a discharge current of 5A will turn into 3380 mAh, with a discharge current of 10 A in 3280 m Ah.
we recommend always calculating the average battery capacity of the e-bike.  To do this, there are special battery discharge programs that simulate driving under different loads for a short and long time. This method of measurement always shows its effectiveness, but requires a professional electronic load.
Another factor that directly affects the battery capacity of the electric bike is the temperature at which the battery is discharged. With significant negative values in lithium batteries voltage drops much faster and the capacity can be reduced by half.
Practical suggestion. When calculating the parameters of electric transport, do not look at the labels of batteries, these parameters are relevant only for ideal conditions. In fact, it is necessary to take into account 20-30% deviation for different operating conditions, the weight of the driver's body, the nature of the terrain, the type of tires and much more.
Over time, the battery capacity of the electric bike is reduced due to aging of the elements themselves, incorrect operation of the protection Board and balancing. Frequent overheating, moisture, mechanical effects also do not contribute to the long operation of the battery. very often, the failure of one element can lead to a rapid drawdown of the entire battery voltage. externally, it looks as if the battery has lost its capacity, but after replacing the faulty element, the performance is restored. Pay attention to this when using batteries.


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