Collect battery for electric bike

This note is for those who want to collect battery for electric bike.  Read it before you get down to business, it will help you to set priorities in work correctly or in General to refuse this invention.
What pitfalls will meet on the way. An important element in the Assembly process – the presence of professional equipment such as spot welding machine with pneumatic and high-quality batteries.
With the first question a lot of difficulties, a professional spot welding machine costs around 200 thousand rubles, to buy such for one battery no one will. Another option is to weld the plates on the already assembled battery. On average, in Moscow, such welding will cost around 100 rubles per element. It's not exactly cheap, but in this case you control the process up to this point, which is generally not bad.
Now the other side of quality is the proven and reliable 18650 elements. Find them very difficult to count on consumer goods, which is everywhere, it is not necessary. Good items are also sold, but they are usually sold in large quantities and not on public sites. On such sites there is no opportunity to buy and deliver to Russia, so the pros act through intermediaries. This is already a mark-up and, as a rule, long delivery. There are other intermediaries who can check the goods in China and quickly send it to Russia. But they are more difficult to find, in addition, they also work with large volumes of orders and your 80 items just do not carry.
The third stage is design. You can collect the battery for the electric bike and the "eye", but this can turn out something terrible and shapeless. It is necessary to observe the layout of the cans and their polarity. Of course, it is better to design on the scheme, 3D model is even better, then you see the result and its dimensions.
Of course, despite all the difficulties to collect the battery for the electric bike is quite possible with your own hands. It will be about one and a half or double the price of the battery that you could order in our workshop.


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battery18650 samsung 22p

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18650 battery LG mj1 3,500 mAh

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