Battery Assembly for e-bike

Battery Assembly for e-bike

Most of us are wondering how the revolution of brushless motors will change our reality? In history, there was a very well-known fact about the invention of the wheel, and fans of electric transport can add the invention of the motor wheel to it. This can be treated with humor, but the fact remains.
It so happened that the world did not appear immediately factories producing electric bicycles. We are witnessing the conversion of existing capacities for the production of conventional bicycles into electric versions. Frames are getting stronger and stronger, the wheel arches more. Manufacturers provide space for mounting batteries on the frame or trunk.
In this regard, the Assembly of the battery for the electric bike becomes relevant for fans of electric transport. Only it allows you to create a balanced and competent device that will have the necessary characteristics in capacity and power.
Of course, you say, you can buy a battery for an electric bike in Moscow, but only if it is assembled to order. All other devices of this plan will resell what is sold in China and not always good quality, but at a high price.
Another option is to collect the battery for the electric bike with your own hands. This is quite possible, but there are some nuances. First, to design the battery competently can only specialist who is constantly engaged in this business. Plus the shape of the battery, there is no computer simulation can not do. Otherwise, the battery will be too large or Vice versa small. I'm not talking about when you need to design an X – shaped or Y-shaped battery.
Second, in order to weld the elements together requires a minimum of spot welding, and given the currents, it needs to confidently take the plate in 0.15-0.2 mm. There is a homemade device is unlikely to help, especially all these devices are boiled unstable and the percentage of defects is quite large (burned contact area and enters the electrolyte).
Third-the elements that you use, very often bought on aliexpress or recommended by friends (unfamiliar) in obscure reviews, which divorced on the Internet a great many. Here you can give one piece of advice, trust what you see yourself, with your own eyes and communicate only with professionals who value their reputation.
Our workshop does not buy items from Resellers on aliexpress and other trading floors. We order items directly from the manufacturer in China, or from suppliers who carry out dealer deliveries from Japan or South Korea. For these purposes, we have a representative in China who checks each batch before sending it to Russia. Therefore, we guarantee the quality of its elements.
Battery Assembly for e-bike is one of the services provided by our workshop. We not only collect ready-made assemblies according to your sketches, but also carry out a full cycle of design. If you decide to convert your bike to electric traction and want to get a quality battery pack, you can order it from us at affordable prices. The master will make it for you, test, measure the total capacity of the battery, provide a report, after which you will be able to buy a battery for an electric bike in Moscow as in a regular store.
It is also possible to collect the battery for the electric bike with your own hands, but it will definitely be more expensive and more difficult. Is it worth it to spend your time and nerves you decide.


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