Batteries for electric bike 36v

Batteries for electric bike 36v

For a less powerful electric bicycles use batteries with a nominal voltage of 36 V. also, the same batteries for electric bikes 36v can be found on gyrometer. The only difference is in the shape of the battery.
The 36 volt battery for the electric bike has a smaller mass by reducing the number of cans used. In this case, you can increase its capacity, using the available space to connect additional elements in parallel.
Very often, due to its compact size, 36 V batteries for electric bicycles are made in the form of so-called "thermoses". It is compact and convenient, at any time you can remove such a battery and put it on charge separately from the electric bike. There are they in the performance of the classic "brick".
Batteries for e-bike 36v can be used for motor wheels up to 500 watts. Of course, to get any outstanding characteristics will not work, but if you use it on teenage e-bikes, when the mass of the rider is not too large, it is possible to achieve good performance in speed - up to 40 km/ and mileage 40-50 km.
Battery 36 volts for e-bike may not be the most powerful and capacious solution, but a number of advantages associated with compactness and cost, make them quite popular for budget solutions.
For example, when you need not too powerful device, but good capacity and there is a place to place a large battery. As a result, you collect 10s battery, and the banks are composed of the maximum number of elements.


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