battery for electric bike 48

battery for electric bike 48

The most common battery for an electric bike is 48v. It is a so-called middle class, and is often used on electric bicycles with medium and high power motor wheels. Such a battery may well be suitable for two motor wheels of 500w or one motor wheel with a capacity of up to 1500w.
If you decide to use the battery for the electric bike 48, it may well provide the necessary speed of 35-45 km/h and the range of the highway to 35-40 km.This is quite acceptable in urban conditions and, in principle, it is possible to use such electric vehicles for driving to work and back.
Motor-wheel is not the only solution on electric transport. Gear schemes are still popular, and torque is transmitted to the wheel via a chain. Also, acid-lead batteries can be used, which significantly increases the weight of the device, since the batteries for this chemistry in the 48-volt version have a decent size and weight.
Lithium batteries for the 48V e-bike can be collected independently. By the way, this is the most profitable way to get a good mileage and speed. Most batteries sold in the drain are of poor quality. The service life of such devices does not exceed 1-2 years, after which you have to either change the bms or change individual banks. Ideally, buy an electric bike without a battery, and a battery of 48 volts for an electric bike to buy separately, or to make to order, for example, in our workshop.
Battery 48 volts for e-bike we collect from proven elements Samsung 35E. for such configurations, this is one of the best options, both in capacity and current. To control the charge and discharge, as well as balancing cans protection boards are used. Basically it is a symmetrical solution, as on most bikes there is a recovery. This approach protects the battery from overcharging, when returning part of the energy.


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