Targa 10x – electric scooter, made of aircraft aluminum alloy, which provides ease and strength of construction.  In its properties and qualities it has no competitors in this price range.

Main characteristics of electric scooter:

Material - aviation aluminum alloy. This material is used for the manufacture of only premium electric scooters. As a result, the weight of the Targa – 10x- 25 kg. It is a very good result for this class of scooters. Its competitors weigh at best from 30 to 45 kg.

Speed modes: 3 mode of speed limits. 1st mode – the limit of 25 km/h, 2nd mode – 35 km/h, 3rd mode – 45 km/h. As for speed, this range is enough to move confidently and comfortably in urban and rural conditions. 

The vehicle range: 70 km

Help for future riders: driving at a speed of more than 25 km/h can already be fatal for the rider. Speeds of 35 and 45 km/h will require minimal equipment to protect against possible falls and collisions. Driving at speeds above 45 km/h will require the equipment of a motorcyclist. In addition, Ryder moving so fast, is a deadly danger to others. Draw conclusions yourself at what speed you move.

Engines: the Targa 10x has two motor-wheels, which give a peak of 3200 Watts of power, which is enough to maintain speed and ensure mileage. 

Moisture protection: Targa 10x is protected from moisture according to IP65 standard.

Help. IP65 standard - Full protection against dust and accidental penetration, protection against water jets falling at any angle.

That gives such a protection. Corny you do not need to do when buying an electric scooter so-called waterproofing. It saves you money on "gijuku", you can safely move in the rain.

Wheels: 10 inch pneumatic wheels.

Brakes: disc, front and rear wheel

Lifting angle: 45%

Shock absorbers: hydraulic on the front and rear wheels

Maximum rider weight: 110 kg

Charging time: 3-4 hours

Battery: 52 Volts, LG 18 Ah

Scooter dimensions: Length – 1150 mm, width - 230 mm, height – 11100-13100 mm  

Box dimensions: 133 cm x 28 cm x 55 cm

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Electric scooter Targa 10x

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