In the shop section of the lab presents the author's development of frames and bodies of the quadrocopter, hexacopters and oktokopters Why not use existing solutions? The answer to this trivial question is very simple.

First, it is a mass configuration, designed to meet the needs of a wide range of consumers. It's not always convenient for the pros or engineers that make the drone under a narrow range of tasks.

Secondly, the poor quality of the materials used. For example, a well-known fact that carbon frames Chinese rotor made of plates containing PCB fiberglass. This substantially increases the mass of the frame, affects its strength. The prices for such pseudochromosome frame is not small.

Thirdly, an unusual technological solutions. You will not find them in consumer goods, this unique scheme, sawmilling, which will cost no more than retail prices for similar frames in the mass segment. But in the end You will get benefits that cannot be purchased on the mass market. All the schemes have been tested on the respective prototypes. In this You can see the finished section of the quadrocopter and hexacopters in the relevant section of our site. For convenience to each diagram attached list of necessary accessories and components that You can find in our shop or to order in China. In any case, we make a rough calculation of the cost, how much it will cost You the frame in the case of sawing and purchase the necessary parts for Assembly. The design of frame to order. This is another service that we provide to our customers in the development of an exclusive multi-rotors. If you wish, You can order a complete cycle of works, ranging from diagrams on the paper, ending with a prototype and practical testing. Using the accumulated technical experience and reliable suppliers, almost all engineering calculations are confirmed in practice. Buying all rights to the prototype, You can give it to mass production.

The study may also be limited, for example, only power or battery installation, krasnostawski, ergonomics, maximum flight duration, payload capacity, noise immunity.

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