Customer support

      Online support system our customers ensures constant monitoring of the orders and processes of delivery. When shopping in our store, the information is instantly transmitted to the processing operator that checks the validity of the order, if necessary, refines its equipment, type of delivery and its time. Notifications about new messages in Your order sent to customer's email provided during registration. In the absence of a response from the buyer, the information is duplicated in the form of SMS messages to his phone. This allows you to quickly process applications, complete the order and pass it to the delivery service.

     Usually the order is delivered the next day courier service. Possible deliveries on weekends, by arrangement with the Manager of the store and availability of opportunities in the service delivery.
     In the case of delivery by Russian Post or transport company, the buyer gets a tracking number for tracking your order. The notification comes to the email address of the customer on the phone..... Upon arrival of the order within the prescribed settlement to e-mail the buyer sent a notification of receipt of the order.

    We accept orders with non-cash form of payment, to apply, use the feedback form on the website, specify product name, number and requests delivery. Store Manager a "Two-v" will prepare the necessary bills for payment and forward them to Your email.

    If necessary, replace faulty goods, please contact the Manager for assistance.